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Here you will find music games filled with fun, challenge, and learning.


The Treble Clef Rap is an easy and fun way to learn the lines and spaces of the Treble Clef.

Just start rocking to a little beat, get the rhythm of the words going, and you've got it - The Treble Clef Rap! 

Parents, you can have fun learning the Treble Clef Rap with your little one! Just start clapping to a beat, say the words to the beat, and even the littlest student will learn about the Treble Clef. Let them repeat the BOLD words and phrases after you.

Let's have fun as we learn to play the piano!

I Like Sticky Candyfloss : A Fun Finger Strengthening Exercise

The student will learn: Finger co-ordination & strengthening, recognition of note patterns, mathematical & cognitive development, developing listening skills.

Here is a catchy little finger strengthening exercise perfect for beginning piano lessons, that is excellent for developing and increasing finger co-ordination. You may prefer Sticky Candy floss or Chewy Chocolate Bars. You will find that you can adapt the words quite easily, once I even changed it to Cheese and Onion Crisps! This is quite a tricky little game and a challenge to do it. An element of competition always seems to help! When you do this exercise each finger has its own go in turn.

C       D       C       D       C       D       C

I         like   sti      cky    can    dy      floss

D       E        D        E        D       E       D

I         like    sti      cky      can    dy     floss

E       F        E         F         E        F       E

I        like      sti        cky      can    dy      floss

F       G        F        G         F        G       F

I       like       sti       cky      can     dy     floss

And then do it all in reverse, all the way back to C.

At first, it is particularly difficult to control fingers 4&5 – this is completely normal, and the more you try, the easier it will get. With a few goes it will soon become clear. Little musicians will find it great fun to try to play it faster and demonstrate how much easier they find it. Once they have mastered this finger strengthening exercise with each hand separately, try hands together. Both hands should start with 1 (thumb) on Middle C. This sounds very impressive and is easier than it sounds – as both hands are doing exactly the same thing. This is fun and very satisfying!

Courtesy of: Let's Play

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